Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The case against television


"Hung" (about a gigilo)

"Cougar Town" (Here's what that means in current slang.)

I seem to recollect having seen ads for a show about a call girl, too.

Then there are the ads for "Melrose Place" that use language sufficiently suggestive and/or vulgar that I won't repeat it on this family blog.

I refuse to link to such garbage, or to watch it. Whatever happened to the good old days when you could watch television with your six-year-old?

Thank goodness for old movies, The History Channel, and a few other bright spots, not to mention NY1 News, or I'd toss the TV out the window.


Anonymous Too Old to Jewschool Steve said...

It's worse than you portray. Even perfectly acceptable family fare -- say, a documentary on the discovery channel or something on Foodtv -- are generally punctuated by commercials for birth control drugs, or Viagra, etc. Just what I want on the rare occasions when I get to sit down and watch something interesting with one or more teenager daughters.

And since I've reached the point where I talk back to the TV, I'm no longer permitted to watch the news.

Wed Oct 14, 02:05:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Ouch. I'd forgotten all about the commercials, probably because our only kid has grown and flown.

Talking back to the TV isn't as bad as talking back at a movie theater--at least, when you're at home, only your own family has to put up with you. :)

Wed Oct 14, 03:16:00 PM 2009  
Anonymous jdub said...

While watching Top Chef with my not yet 11 year old daughter, one of the judges told the chef "You took my mole (accent on the e) virginity just now. It was wonderful." I had to explain what that meant. I was not pleased.

Wed Oct 14, 03:40:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Larry Lennhoff said...

Also (alas) "Accidentally On Purpose" a comedy starring the charming Jenna Elfman which was so vulgar that last night when I watched a recorded episode I asked my wife to stop the show and delete it.

On the other hand I love "The Big Bang Theory" despite occasional sexuality and Jewish stereotyping and "How I met your mother" despite the awful behavior of the Barney character. I also watch a lot of science fiction based TV shows like Eureka.

Personally I'm happy with my "if I don't like it I don't watch it" approach.

Wed Oct 14, 04:33:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

JDub, been there. Four wonderful seasons of Babylon 5, and in the fifth and final season, they just *had to* have a nude scene. Our son was about 14 at the time. We were not happy.

I never watched a single episode of "Sex in the City" because I was offended by the title alone. What ever happened to the old-fashioned version, sex in the bedroom?

"I also watch a lot of science fiction based TV shows like Eureka."

Larry, I don't like to get hooked on too many shows, but, now that Battlestar Galactica has ended, maybe I should start watching Eureka again.

Personally I'm happy with my "if I don't like it I don't watch it" approach.

That's pretty much my attitude, as well.

Wed Oct 14, 04:44:00 PM 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone watch NCIS?
I used to love this show but this season in particular I've noticed a very clear anti-Israel sentiment creeping into the show. The episode this week was really pointed.

Wed Oct 14, 11:12:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

I tend not to be very perceptive about certain things, political overtones being one of them. Sometimes, that's just as well. Depending on circumstances, I don't always appreciate having my entertainment "tainted" by politics.

Thu Oct 15, 12:53:00 PM 2009  

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